Email us your favorite way eat Pablo’s Pickles, besides just by themselves, and, if it’s not already on the list, we will add it to our list with your first name and city.

You can just email Paul at:

How do we eat Pablo’s Pickles?

  1. On cheese burgers.  Lytle, Friars Pt, MS
  2. On turkey sandwiches. Claudine, Friars Pt, MS
  3. On a smoked turkey sandwich with extra sharp chedder cheese. Mellicent, Nashville, TN
  4. On hamburgers. Thomas, Nashville, TN
  5. In tuna salad. William and April, Friars Pt, MS
  6. On tuna sandwich. Derrick, Nashville, TN.
  7. On top of chili with cheese and sour cream. Ken, Birminham, AL
  8. On a Ritz cracker with cream cheese. Jay, Thibodaux, La
  9. On baked potatoes. Wendy, Huntsville, AL
  10. The pickle juice in chicken noodle soup. Tracey, Decatur, AL
  11. On Tostitos chips. Paul, Nashville, TN
  12. In a Bloody Mary. Jennifer, Decatur, AL
  13. On a beer bratwurst with deli mustard in a hot dawg bun. Harold, Huntsville AL
  14. On chicken salad sandwiches. Sara, Clarksdale, MS